Dir. Yoon Sung-A, 2019, 90′ | Belgium, France

Large numbers of Filipino women work overseas as domestic help or as nannies. In order for them to head abroad to earn income, they have to leave their children in the care of others for several years. In one of the many Filipino domestic help training facilities, a group of women are training together not only how to make beds perfectly, but also how to learn to live with abusive language from their employers and combat homesickness. Role-playing helps in preparing for complicated situations, and the women perform both employer and employee parts. The film Overseas raises questions about work relationships in a globalized world, while also emphasizing the sheer determination and solidarity of the film’s subjects.

There are 106 million inhabitants in the Philippines, with some 10 million working overseas. According to World Bank estimates, in 2019 overseas workers sent 35 billion US dollars home to the Philippines, reaching 9.8% of the country’s GDB. The most popular work destinations for Filipino guest workers are Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

September 1-6, 2020
*available on the platform filmas.lv, only in the teritory of Latvia