Lessons of Love

Dir. Malgorzata Goliszewska, Kasia Mateja, 2019, 75′ | Poland

Jola yearns for freedom, and after escaping her turbulent, full-of-suffering marriage, she spends time with friends and takes care of herself. After meeting Wojtek in a Latin-American dance class, a new romance comes into her life. Those espousing the conservative views of Jola’s generation still try to excuse her violent husband, and even she sometimes questions her choice. The film Lessons of Love is a lively and uplifting look into one woman’s personal revolution at the age of 69.

The directors first met Jola in “Café Smile” – where a dance club for seniors holds its lessons, as they were there to create a short film over the course of six months about the club. Malgorzata had at that time lost her faith in love and relationships, and the hopeful and playful atmosphere at the dance club cheered her up. In getting to know Jola better, the directors knew they had found a main character for a completely different film – about love.

September 1-6, 2020
*available on the platform filmas.lv, only in the teritory of Latvia