Hip Hop-eration

The upbeat and uplifting story of a group of New Zealanders – Guinness record-holding pensioner hip hop artists, whose eldest member is 96 years-old. Memories of lives lived well are intertwined with dance rehearsals, where under the tutelage of an ambitious teacher, they prepare for their performance at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships in Las Vegas. The film convincingly counters the stereotype of the limits of old age, leaving the viewer dumbfounded but happily aware that the best is yet to come.


This year marked the 20th occasion of the eldest generation’s folk dancing festival, involving 1400 participants from across Latvia. Alternatively, the Latvian Seniors Dance Association, founded in 2006, has popularized a special type of dancing that unites ballroom, with German, British, Balkan and other national dancing styles. Hip Hop is not part of their repertoire as of yet.

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