Acasa, My Home

Dir. Radu Ciorniciuc, 2020, 86′ | Finland, Germany, Romania

For 20 years the Enache family has lived in the Bucharest Delta – in a vast green zone bordered by block housing that has, after years of untamed growth, become a rare urban ecosystem. The family’s life is simple and isolated from the surrounding society – they have built a shack by the edge of the lake, catch fish with their hands, and adjust only to seasonal rhythms. Their peace, however, is about to come to an end – the family can no longer hide from social services, and have been forced by local authorities to move into the city and learn to follow the rules and regulations of society.

The Bucharest Delta is a 183-hectare wetlands area that flourished in a territory that was, in 1986, intended to be the site of a waterworks project, which was never completed. In 2014, the Delta was deemed a protected natural reserve, and the Enaches soon had to move. The film’s creators gave the children analog cameras and invited them to take photos of their life during the move. Later these photos were published as a book, which served as the basis for a broader social campaign.

September 1-6, 2020
*available on the platform, only in the teritory of Latvia