Dir. Saskia Boddeke, Beeld, NTR, 68 min, 2017, The Netherlands

Peter Greenaway’s name in the world of film and contemporary art has a recognised value. The Greenaway’s Alphabet is his partner’s, artist Saskia Boddeke’s, essay on creativity, film history, relationships, parents, children and everything else Peter calls life.  Unexpectedly revealing are a father’s (Greenaway) talks with his teenage daughter, whose penetrating questions break down barriers and allow for a sense the human side of the art and the experiment. The Greenaway Alphabet – artistically formulated milestones in the director’s universe that bring us closer to his abundantly creative life and also his eccentric and dynamic personality.

Saskia Boddeke is a multimedia artist who stages operas, creates installations and other works of art using various types of mediums. She sometimes works under an alias – her alter ego, Rose Borchovski. The Greenaway Alphabet is her first feature documentary.

September 3, 18:30*
*After the screening – Q&A with director Saskia Boddeke.
Moderator – director of the National Film Centre of Latvia Dita Rietuma
September 7, 19:00