Dir. Håvard Bustnes, UpNorth Film, House Of Real, Napafilms, 94 min, 2017, Norway / Denmark / Finland

As disturbing portrait of present-day political reality – Norwegian director Håvard Bustnes explores behind the scenes of the Greek far-right nationalist party, Golden Dawn. While several key male party members are behind bars, accused of carrying out organized crime activities, their daughters, wives and mothers have stepped into leadership roles. With an upcoming election, Ourania, Eugenia and Dafni become actively involved in the campaign. Although in interviews with the filmmakers they are careful in their choice of words, everything changes when the camera is seemingly switched off.

The April 2018 Kapa Research poll results showed that the Golden Dawn is supported by almost 8% of the citizens of Greece. The party’s popularity has grown during the economic crisis, and since then there has also been in increase in hate crime within the nation. The trial against 69 Golden Dawn members, including all of the politicians elected in 2013, continues. The legal process and accusations is one of the reasons for the party’s political isolation.