Country Title Producer /Director / Company Synopsis
1 Belarus Babushka. Lost in Transition. Producer: Volia Chajkouskaya
Director: Alexander Mihalkovich
Production Company: Volia Films
Babushka. Lost In Transition tells the story of an elderly woman trapped in Crimea, caught physically and ideologically between Ukraine and Russia. The director is the woman’s grandson and explores her social conditions, family relationships and the political intricacies of her situation, as she herself tries to figure out whether to stay or to go.
2 Belgium / Lithuania / Croatia / Germany / Sweden / Italy Borderline Producers: Frederik Nicolai, Eric Goossens, Iva Tkalec, Tadas Vaitmonas, Ljubo Zdjelarevic, Alex Tondowski,
Directors: Anna Savchenko, Vytautas Puidokas, Tiha Gudac, Isabella Rinaldi
Production Company: Off World (BE) / The Magic (LT) / Kinoteka (HR) / Tondowski films (DE) / Momento film (SE) / Indyca (IT)
Borderline is a character-driven documentary series about eight borders in Europe. In eight installments, the protagonists’ stories reveal how complex these dots and lines on a map actually are on the ground where they come into contact with people’s lives and affect their identities.
3 Czech Republic / Latvia / Slovakia My Unknown Soldier Director: Anna Kryvenko, Producers: Michal Kráčmer, Sergei Serpuhov, Wanda Adamik Hrycova
Production Company: Analog Vision (CZ) / Baltic Pine Films (LV) / Wandal Production (SK)
Almost 50 years after the “friendly” invasion of Czechoslovakia the film, My Unknown Soldier, attempts to cast new light on the occupying soldiers, showing them as victims to the whims of higher powers, often as helpless in their situation as the citizens of Czechoslovakia, and the sad consequences this experience had for some of the soldiers.
4 Czech Republic Satanic Girls: Women on the Move Producer: Anna Herza Tydlitátová
Director: Bohdan Bláhovec
Satanic Girls: Women on the Move is a story about women, status and power in show business. The film follows several retired pop divas as they remember their wild rock’n roll past, touching upon the topics of aging, relationships and selective memory.
5 Denmark Soviet Bus Stops Producer: Lise Lense-Møller
Director: Kristoffer Hegnsvad
Production Company: Magic Hour Films
Architecture in the Soviet Union was under strict centralized supervision, with one small exception – bus stops! This overlooked form of architectural expression became a secret vehicle for voicing dissent. Soviet Bus Stops is the story of Canadian-German photographer, Christopher Herwig, and his passion for these subversive pieces of art.
6 Estonia / Russia Journey to the End of the Night Producers: Max Tuula, Maria Gavrilova, Alexander Rastorguev, Ksenia Elyan, Ilya Malkin
Director: Kseniya Elyan
Production Companies: Marx Film (EE) / Black and White Production (RU)
Zakhar and Prokopy are two reindeer-owning children at the cener of Journey to the End of the Night. They live in the vast uninhabited landscapes beyond the Arctic Circle in Russia. Nelly, a 23-year-old teacher, comes into their lives one day to try to explain why such things as math or Putin might be necessary.
7 Estonia / Poland / Germany The Last Relic Producers: Marianna Kaat, Dorota Rozskowska, C. Cay Wesnig
Director: Marianna Kaat
Production Companies: Baltic Film Production
The Last Relic is a film about the birth of Russia’s new spiritual capital, Yekaterinburg, where the last Russian emperor, Nicholas II, was executed 100 years ago. Nicholas II has unexpectedly become the pivotal figure in the struggle between faith, commerce and political power in Russia.
8 Estonia Becoming Tommy Cash Producers: Madis Tüür
Director: Peeter Vihma, Marta Pulk
Production Company: Allfilm
Becoming Tommy Cash is the intriguing story of what happens when you dream of becoming famous… but fame sucks. Following hip-hop artist Tommy Cash on his road towards success, the film paints a portrait of Generation Y.
9 Georgia Camel Man Producer: Nodar Nozadze
Director: Irakli Metreveli,
Production Company: LTD Pansionati
Goran once traveled the world with a Swiss passport, and a veritable zoo of animals. His goal was to get to Kazakhstan via Georgia and Russia, to find a mate for his beloved camel. When he arrived in Georgia, however, beaurocracy caused him to stay. Camel Man documents Goran’s daily life in Tblisi and his friendship with Roma who has his own difficulties after being declared legally deceased by his ex-wife as an attempt to seize his land. This new friendship brings hope to both men.
10 Georgia / France May 17 Producer: Nino Varsimashvili
Director: Rati Tsiteladze
Production Company: ArtWay Film (GE) / Les Valseurs (FR)
May 17 documents the lives of people forced to hide their identity due to the growing tensions surrounging LGBT politics in post-Soviet Georgia. Focusing on 15-year-old Sandro as he stumbles from childhood to adolescence, the film slowly paints an intimate portrait of the beauty and horror of a boy struggling to find his identity.
11 Germany Black Head Producer: Kirill Krasovskiy, Julia Kim-von den Driesch
Director: Olga Delane
Production Company: Faktura film
The directors of Black Head document the lives of people living in a city suffering from an environmental disaster. Many of the residents do not want to move away – a decision which sounds absurd to most. Why are they so adamant to stay?
12 Hungary Crying Will Get You Nowhere Producers: Sára László, Gerő Marcell
Director: Réka Szabó
Production Company: Campfilm
Crying Will Get You Nowhere documents the extraordinary process in which a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor, a 32-year-old dancer and a 47-year-old choreographer create a contemporary dance performance. Through the rehearsals, we experience how these three women, with vastly differing experiences and at different stages of life, create a performance and a dialogue before our eyes.
13 Latvia 36 months Producers: Guntis Trekteris, Madara Kalniņa, Directors: Armands Začs, Liene Linde
Production Company: Ego Media
36 Months is an intimate portrayal of four young women throughout their pregnancy. The documentary captures the full cycle of a pregnancy as well as the thoughts, fears and feelings of the women during the course of four times nine months.
14 Latvia The Smuggler Producer: Marta Bite
Director: Ivars Zviedris
Production Company: Dokumentālists
The Smuggler is a story about a man in his thirties facing a personal crisis as he struggles to earn a living. He lives in a small village near the border between Latvia and Russia, has no education and there are no prospects for a decent job. He has therefore decided to become a smuggler. The contraband? People.
15 Latvia Telebridge Producer: Elīna Gediņa Dūcena
Director: Ivo Briedis
Production Company: Mistrus Media
Telebridge shows recent history through the eyes of the last Soviet and first post-Soviet generation. The people portrayed are from various countries in the former Soviet Union who all participated in a television program in the turbulent late ‘80s in which they were asked about their opinions on the dissolution of the Union. They now meet, decades later, to discuss how their lives have changed.
16 Lithuania Are You Thinking about Suicide Producer: Lukas Trimonis
Directors: Virginija Vareikytė, Maxi Dejoie
Production Company: In Script
When three women – a psychologist, a paramedic and a police officer – join forces to fight the high suicide rates in their hometown, they are met with ignorance and indifference from both the society and public institutions. Are You Thinking about Suicide follows their attempts to prove that suicide prevention can make a difference.
17 Lithuania My Life, Your Life Producer: Dagne Vildziunaite
Director: Sandro Bozzalo
Production Company: Just a moment
My Life, Your Life tells the story of artist Nijole Sivickas and her son Antanas Mockus, the creative Baltic forces that contributed to rewrite the history of Colombia. An intimate portrait of an extraordinary woman and her influence on her son, who was twice elected mayor of Bogotá.
18 Poland Mr. Jan and His 40 Girls Producers: Jacob Dammas, Jozefina Jarmuzewska
Director: Jacob Dammas
Production Company: Graniza
In this bittersweet yet light-hearted clash-of-generations story, the 76-year-old Mr Jan Skroś runs Poland’s only female youth brass band since he founded it in 1974, but the times are changing
19 Poland No Hero at All Producer: Zuzanna Król
Director: Michał Kawecki
Production Company: Wajda Studio
No Hero At All is the story of Paralympic champion, 21-year-old Michał, who is definitely not your typical hero. Brought up in poverty, he struggles not only with his body, but also with the harsh realities of his life and his toughest opponent – himself.
20 Denmark / Russia / Germany Mercedes Principle Producer: Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær
Director: Alina Rudnitskaya
Production Company: Danish Documentary Production
The documentary comedy, Mercedes Principle, invites you into the lives and minds of two modern Russian women on an “all or nothing” hunt for a succesful and wealthy man who can provide them with security, and help them in their aim to climb the social ladder. Despite its light approach, the film highlights gender inequality and the relationship between between men and women in modern Russian society.
21 Russia Provincial Town of E Producer: Vlad Ketkovich, Dmitry Bogolyubov
Director: Dmitry Bogolyubov
Production Company: Ethnofund
Elnya is one of hundreds of small provincial Russian towns, frozen in time since WWII; no industry, no future, no independent sources of information. Entertainment consists of military celebrations, and propaganda infiltrates all areas of life making the town an ideal incubator for cultivating faithful followers of Putin. Provincial Town of E documents the town for three years, capturing this process.
22 Russia Teachers’ Day Producer: Eugenia Vengerova
Director: Yulia Vishnevets
Production Company: Okareka
Teachers’ Day follows graduates of top-ranking Russian universities as they move to provincial towns in order to start working as teachers at local schools. They quickly discover that little has changed here since Soviet times as the young teachers encounter difficult students, hostile colleagues, and conservative parents. Will the young enthusiasts be able to win the locals’ trust and shake up their traditional culture?
23 Russia Baikal Poach-busters Producers: Alexey Sochnev, Ksenia Gapchenko
Director: Anna Moiseenko
In Baikal Poach-busters we witness the fight between locals living on the shores of lake Baikal and a rag-tag group of “poach-busters.” Headed by Arthur Murzakhanov, this group has been recruited, and blessed by shamans, to protect the fish, omul, from extinction. Lake Baikal is facing an environmental disaster, and fishing for omul has been prohibited. The locals, however, have a different view on these intruders, and stand up for their historic and cultural rights to use the lake as they always have.
24 Sweden Anna the Witch Producrs: Malcolm Dixelius, Zara Arrehed
Director: Peter Gerdehag
Production Company: Dixit International
Anna the Witch is a raw and unflinching portrait of a woman who leaves her family to recreate herself as a witch. After finding acceptance in her new community, Anna realizes that the hardest task is yet to come, namely to return to her family in order to seek acceptance and heal her fractured relationships.
25 Ukraine / France Home Games Producer: Stephane Siohan
Director: Alisa Kovalenko
Production Company: East Roads Films (FR) / Studio Garmata Film (UA)
Home Games charts a crucial period in the life of Alina Shilova, a very talented 20-year-old football player from Kiev, whose passion for the game has a chance of saving her from poverty. Alina is now a professional player, but her peronal life remains turbulent. As she prepares to join a Polish team, her mother suddenly dies leaving behind Alina’s beloved siblings, Renat (6) and Regina (7).