72 Hours

Belarus, Belgium, France / Playtime Films, Volia Films, SaNoSi Productions
Producers: Iva Tkalec,Isabel De La Serna, Chajkouskaya, Jean-Marie Gigon Director: Anna Savchenko

Art and the Cold War. Esthetic Resistance

Estonia / Maagiline Masin
Producer: Anu Veermäe-Kaldra, Director: Sandra Jõgeva

A story about the relationship between independent Soviet art and the West. An incredible quantity of mainly Estonian and Moscowian visual art is sold and taken across the border. This is facilitated mainly by Western diplomats, behind whose coordinated action stands none other than the CIA.

Company Of Steel

Ukraine / Directory films LLC 
Producer: Igor Savychenko, Director: Yuliia Hontaruk

After enduring horrors during the still ongoing Russian-Ukrainian War, three Ukrainian war veterans return home. Both stronger than before and full of scars they’re struggling to heal. Will they be able to figure out how to belong in this old but new reality and win their private wars?

The Constitution of the New Era: Man balancer of the Aerial and Aquatic World

North Macedonia / OPIUM Film, Bunker Film+ 
Producers/Directors: Kiril Karakash, Svetislav Podleshanov

A retired policeman has been passionately trying to make a perpetuum mobile machine for the last 15 years.

Ever Since I Know Myself

Georgia / FORMO Production
Producer/Director: Maka Gogaladze

Some children enjoy studying music, others suffer from it. I was among the others. Mother forced me to play piano for 7 years. Now I travel around Georgia gathering my childhood reflections and listening to my mother’s audio letters, to explore what I was and what my mother wanted me to be.

Every Independence Day

Belarus, Estonia / Volia Films, Marx Film
Producers: Volia Chajkouskaya, Max Tuula, Director: Yulia Shatun

Fragile Memory

Ukraine, the Netherlands / Burlaka Films, DOXY Films
Producers: Mariia Ponomarova, Alexandra Bratyshchenko, Harmen Jalvingh, Director: Ihor Ivanko

Young filmmaker Ihor discovers the lost archive of his grandpa, a famous Soviet cinematographer. In discovering the story behind the damaged pictures, he gets closer to his grandpa who has dementia and is facing the tension between memory and forgetting.

How to Save a Dead Friend

Producer: Ksenia Gapchenko, Director: Marusya Syroechkovskaya

Moscow, late 00s, it’s only the two of them – Kimi and Marusya. They are young, bored and madly in love. What could be better than first love? Only first love and heroin. At least that’s what they thought back then.

The Hunt

Lithuania / Studio Nominum
Producer: Arūnas Matelis, Director: Aistė Stonytė

This detective story is the hunt for a film reel that for many years has been thought to be lost. The reel contains a banned, scandalous, avant-garde, anti-Soviet theatre performance that was documented under conspiracy conditions nearly 50 years ago.

The Kind Stranger

Finland / Kinocompany Ltd
Producer: Ari Matikainen , Directors: Sini Hormio, Anu Silfverberg 

A film about the anxious and the sleepless who heal each other through whisper videos and soothing role plays, online. A silent revolution has begun, and it’s called ASMR.

Mayday Georgia!

Georgia, UK, Uzbekistan / VISION FABRIKA, Nushi Film
Producers: Robin Forestier-Walker, Tekla Machavariani, Directors: Robin Forestier-Walker, Rayhan Demytrie

95 year-old Georgian WW2 veteran Ivlita puts on her medals to attend Victory Day. But her beloved annual event is about to be hijacked by young activists – pro-European Ana and black-shirted fascist Giorgi. The youth are preparing for battle over what May 9th means in 21st century Georgia.

Masha, Out of the Realm of Memory

France, Lithuania / ZED, MOONMAKERS
Producers: Christine LE GOFF, Giedrė Žickytė, Director: Giedrė Žickytė

In an attic in St. Petersburg lie 30,000 photographic negatives recording life in the latter years of the Soviet Union. With them rest the photographer’s diaries, detailing her tragic and poetic life. Now for the first time we reveal the life and extraordinary work of Masha Ivashintsova, Russia’s lost photographer.

Men On Boat

Denmark  / Final Cut for Real 
Producer: Anne Köhncke, Director: Carl Olsson

A visual exploration of masculinity, loneliness and longing in a world defined by time and ocean. The film follows the crew of an oil tanker far out at sea. Through a series of scenes from the daily lives of the men on board, we are allowed to reflect on the sailor as myth and reality.

Missing My Body

Georgia / Lokokina Studio
Producer/Director: Alexander Kvatashidze

“You won’t rest until you have at least a piece of me.” A dead soldier’s message to his grieving parents.

No Elephant in the Room

Poland, Romania / SQUARE film studio ltd, Triba Film
Producer: Magdalena Borowiec , Director: Clara Kleininger

The story of a Romanian circus, which undergoes a complete transformation from an old post-communist relic to a spectacular modern circus inspired by Cirque du Soleil.

The Price of Meat

Latvia / Rucka Art Foundation
Producer: Ieva Goba, Director: Kaspars Goba

A very personal story of the dilemmas faced by a vegetarian film director who after 19 years spent in documentary filmmaking and photography returns to his childhood farm and starts cattle farming.

Prison Unlocked

Latvia / Ego Media
Producer: Guntis Trekteris, Director: Ivars Zviedris

Recently, the oldest prison in Latvia – Brasa Prison, built in 1905 – was closed, as it could no longer ensure normal functioning. Some of the inmates will be released after long-term imprisonment. They know how to survive in extreme circumstances, but are unprepared for a normal life. They may be like children whom parents would never allow to walk alone. But our protagonists will have to.


Ukraine, Germany / Phalanstery Films
Producer: Illia Gladshtein, Director: Keren Chernizon 

The story of a street in the middlemost part of Ukraine unexpectedly turning into a pilgrimage site for Hasidic Jews coming from all around the world. A post-Soviet chapter still to be written into history books.

Riga Palace

Latvia / SKUBA films
Producer: Sandijs Semjonovs , Director: Armands Začs

Riga Palace is a hotel in the middle of war-torn Aleppo. It’s owner, Nawras Riga, is a businessman who wants to find his roots and has decided to visit Riga, Latvia for the first time. The film follows his journey and documents how life returns to Riga Palace after the cruel civil war in Aleppo.


Ukraine, the Netherlands / Moon Man LLC, Tangerine Tree
Producers: Darya Bassel, Viktoriia Khomenko, Willem Baptist, Nienke Korthof, Director: Olga Zhurba

A coming of age portrait of Roma, from being the 13-year-old hero of the Maidan revolution, through an orphanage to an uncertain adulthood in his small Ukrainian home town.

Roses. Film – Cabaret

Ukraine / DGTL RLGN
Producers: Oleksandra Kravchenko, Oleg Sosnov, Director: Irena Stetsenko

A documentary musical featuring 7 actresses of the freak-cabaret Dakh Daughters, in a universal portrait of an artist against the background of the Revolution. In this film-cabaret the music hardly stops, tears are mixed with laughter, and the heroines are inseparable from the stage – though, within the never-ending acting they are profoundly sincere.

Super B

Finland / napafilms oy
Producer: Marianne Mäkelä, Director: Mia Halme

In a world where super bacteria is increasing, established scientist Anu Kantele has a mission to decrease the use of antibiotics. 800 tourists are brought into Benin, West Africa, as her guinea pigs to be part of research to create a vaccine for diarrhea. A film about seeking atonement in the endless world of aid.

Tango of Life

Latvia, Italy, Argentina / VFS FILMS, B&B FILM, Nativa Contenidos
Producers: Uldis Cekulis, Raffaele Brunetti, Directors: rica Lifredo, Krista Burāne

Claudio knows that one day he will be in a wheelchair, and what still keeps him on his feet and working his fields is tango. His Parkinson’s is progressing slowly but inexorably. Time is short. He promised his beloved wife Ivana that one day they would tango together in Buenos Aires, and he must fulfill this promise now.

The Transition

Russia, UK / Baikal Cinema,  Roast Beef Productions
Producer: Gayane Petrosyan, Mike Lerner, Director: Gayane Petrosyan

A very intimate story, extremely and frankly baring one of the most sensitive issues of our intolerant society – through the eyes of the mother of transgender boy.


Poland, Sweden / East Beast, Salton Sea Films
Producers: Malgorzata Koziol, Mikael Lypinski Director: Mikael Lypinski

Somewhere in the mountains of Oregon, a tiny community lives quietly in the shadow of Bigfoot, seeking comfort in nature and one another while struggling with life’s challenges.