Prod. Illia Gladshtein, Dir. Nadia Parfan / Phalanstery Films

Music is born out of the crumbling central heating system of Ukraine, as a team of devoted pipe-fitters rush from home to home to tame hot fountains and … to sing!

A Loss of Something Ever Felt

Prod. Liis Nimik, Dir. Carlos Eduardo Lesmes Lopez  / Allfilm

A sister arrives to Bogota, Colombia to search for a ghost from hell, her drug addict brother. Can she find hope in the darkest place on earth?

Alice in the Land

Prod. Magdalena Petroviz, Frank Muller, Dir. Zanna Agalokova, Tatjana Bozic / LEWA productions, Doppelplusultra, Kinodoc Production

Mom takes her teenage daughter on long trip across Russia. She wants the girl, born
abroad, to know her mother’s homeland well. She might succeed in showing her daughter
the country, but will she make her love it?

Artyom’s Upbringing

Prod. Maria Yahorava, Nikolai Lavreniuk, Miroslaw Dembinski,  Dir. Liuba Zemtsova / “Illusion” Film Company, Film Studio “Everest”

Everybody tries to educate orphan boy Artyom, from boarding school tutors to his loving foster father Valera. But is it really possible to change his personality and the fate of a boy, who, even though he is talented, is raised under the laws of an orphanage?

Between two wars (Andriy Suleyman)

Prod. Alina Gorlova, Ilona Bičevska, Patrick Hamm, Dir. Maxim Nakonechnyi / Tabor Production, Avantis, Bulldog Agenda

Fleeing Syrian conflict, young Andriy unexpectedly landed in Ukrainian. Trying to fight this huge black and white war machine by helping people, he travels from one damaged homeland to another with a hope to finally make a choice between peaceful and military life.

The case of Christmas tree

Prod, Dir. Angela Frangyan / Bars Media

When Armo’s younger brother Gevorg is unfairly incarcerated as a political prisoner for over 5 years, both brothers fight for justice. Even after a revolution in Armenia during 2018, they reject the idea of amnesty. It’s a story not only about the ever-changing relationship between the brothers , but that of a country and its people.


Prod. Eugenia Gine, Dir.Anna Moiseenko / Mamba Media, Ethnofund

A bizarre and incredible story of Kirsan Ilymzhinov, the eccentric Russian magnate and President of the FIDE (World Chess Federation) for the last 20 years, who claims he has been abducted by aliens and is currently banned from the United States after having been accused of aiding and abetting the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.
The election for the presidency of the FIDE is a year away, but intrigue already swirls around Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, after having lost a no-confidence vote by the executive board.

The Earth Is Blue Like An Orange

Prod. Anna Kapustina, Dir,.Irina Tsilyk / Albatros Communicos Ukraine

Military actions have been ongoing in the East of Ukraine for 4 years now. Mines are still falling, but children in a war zone want to live, laugh, love, learn and even shoot their own film.

Eating an Elephant

Prod. Olesya Ovchinnikova, Dir. Julia Saponova / LLC “Sapfir”

To perform in the Palais des Nations of the United Nations in Geneva, a group of first-time actors with the Down syndrome must push their limits beyond their fears, their limitations and even their egos to work as a team to convey their fervent desire for equality.

Fragments of Humanity

Prod. Ari Matikainen, Dir. Eli Rintala / Kinokompany

In conflict zones around the world, Finnish forensic dentist Helena Ranta is advocating for the thought that even in war there must be rules and justice. In the timespan from Srebrenica to Iraq she realizes, that the rules of war are not always equal and not always aiming for peace.

From Sevnica to the White House

Prod. Tanja Gruden, Dir. Jurij Gruden / Avi Film

What happens in a small town when the girl next door becomes First Lady of the USA? Overnight, the folks of Sevnica experience global attention. A perfect time to “cash in” on the moment. Melania’s once-neighbors strive for meaning, for better life, for a dream come true.

The Harbor

Prod. Dagne Vildžiūnaitė, Dir. Albina Griniūte / Just a Moment

Following an old superstition, long distance sailors paint colorful paintings on a harbor wall. This small sailboat harbor in the middle of the Atlantic ocean is like a book into which modern-day sea adventurers are writing their innermost thoughts and feelings. What stories are these paintings telling us?

The Immortal

Prod. Riho Vastrik, Uldis Cekulis, Dir. Ksenia Okhapkina / Veselind, VFS Films

This film reveals the mechanism that entices a human being – the greatest miracle on earth – to volun-tarily turn themselves into a mediocre, faceless creature. Thus they become a resource to be used by the state – a grey lump of ore that cannot see the value of their own life.

Into the Bank

Prod. Oscarr Hedin, Marina-Evelina Cracana Dir. Eva Hillström / Film and Tell, Spætt Film

The young investment banker Sasja is responsible for almost 300 billion EUR. He wants to steer Nordea towards sustainable business practices. Can he better the world working from the belly of the beast? A thrilling journey into an abyss of money & power.

Lessons in Democracy

Prod. Marcin Wierzchosławski, Dir. Michal Helwak / Metro Films

In a town with first-ever Muslim majority in the US, the once-dominant Polish Catholics and their Muslim neighbors struggle to arrange a community despite the constant presence of conflict and tension.

My Favourite War

Prod. Guntis Trekteris, Dir. Ilze Burkovska Jakobsen / Ego Media, Bivrost Film

My Favorite War is an animated documentary telling the personal story of its director, Ilze, about her growing up in the cold-war USSR. This is an exciting coming-of-age tale about finding one’s own identity, truth and loyalty on the background of the authoritarian regime propaganda and oppression.

My Mother – The State

Prod. Madara Melberga, Dir.  Ieva Ozolina / Fa Filma

After Una (39) begins a search for her long lost sister she bangs against closed doors, however, through unexpected twist of events not only she finds her, but also discovers that they are four altogether. With each find and with each sister, they gain power that helps them to penetrate through the old time soviet nomenclature so deep stemmed in modern Latvian consciousness. As they conquer the obstacles and find the youngest sister, separated from them shortly before birth and not aware of their existence, the final epic battle begins…

The New Imperium

Prod. Vlad Ketkovich, Dir. Anna Shishova / Ethnofund

If you are young and honest you are dangerous for the State.
Anya and Masha dreamt to make life in Russia better. Now they are imprisoned by fabricated charge of extremism. Their parents are fighting the State for their lives. The State in which they used to honestly believe.

No Women no Revolution

Prod. Frank Muller, Dir. Antonia Kilian / Doppelplusultra

North Syria, Province rojava. Hala, a young Arab woman, joins the Kurdish women’s movement to flee the Islamic State (IS). After months, she returns to her hometown to help build a free society. She encounters resistance not only within the patriarchal traditional society, but also within her own family.

The Rossellinis

Prod. Raffaele Brunetti, Uldis Cekulis, Dir. Alessandro Rosselini / B&B Film, VFS Films

This is a laid-back journey in search of one of the world’s most fascinating families, observed and examined from within its most intimate relationships. This is a documentary where the truth and depth of the memoir meet the ironic tone of an indie comedy.

The Russian way

Dir. Dir. Tatiana Soboleva / Gorkiy Film

After twenty five years spent abroad, Natalya comes back to Russia and tries to change the life in her native village by using European experience. Her attempts are not approved by the local authorities and makes her neighbors fear.

Santorini Weddings

Prod. Frank Muller, Dir. Sveta Strelnikova / Doppelplusultra

The small craggy island of Santorini has become one of the world’s top destinations for weddings and honeymoons over the last 10 years. Thousands of weddings and millions of tourists make this once idyllic place a living hell for the inhabitants.

Small Footprint

Prod. Johanna Trass, Dir. Margit Lillak / Allfilm

The film is about the first conscious eco-community in Estonia, which started in 2014. How they will be able to build this new world, without conflict, without abusing the earth, and setting an idealistic example to the rest of the world- time will tell.

Stalin Today

Prod. Simone Bauman, Dir. Ketevan Nozadze / Saxonia Entertainment

A 22-years old Georgian is a huge supporter of Stalin; She got popularity by becoming a Stalin’s page Admin on Social media. Her intention is to become a journalist. At first glance polite, this girl is very aggressive towards democratic changes that are taking place in country nowadays. Will she change her mind even while being confronted with victims of Stalin’s repressions?

Time Travel – from Bonn to Speia

Prod. Arkadiy Plăcintă, Dir. Dumitry Grosei / Symbol Media

Stefan, a German living in Bonn, starts looking for the place where his grandfather died in the Second World War. On the road to Speia, Moldova, he discovers some things he did not expect.