Country of origin  

Title of the project


Company Producer /Director Synopsis
ARMENIA/FRANCE The Wounded City AtlasDoc / Quilombofilms Prod. Jérémie Reichenbach

Dir. Arthur Sukiasyan

A close look at the contemporary society of Armenia through the lives of one family men of different generations 28 years after the earthquake.
BELARUS/GERMANY Being Soviet Victor Asliuk/ MA.JA.DE Prod. Heino Deckert

Dir. Victor Asliuk

The end and resurrection of the Soviet Man. How has the Soviet Man managed to survive? What is so special about this breed, that can unite people of different nationalities, nations and races and, for all that, distinguish them considerably from the rest of mankind?
BELARUS/SWEDEN Debut PervajaKinoVideo Company / Dixit International Prod. Viktor Lobkovich, Malcolm Dixelius

Dir. Anastasiya Miroshnichenko

Unreasonably long terms of imprisonment deprive a woman of the opportunity to be a mother, damages her dignity in an irreversible way. Inmates find salvation in art. A prison theatre becomes for them not only a get-away from a harsh reality, but also a motivation to reconsider their life values.
BELGIUM Queer Tango Goes to Russia VideoVam Prod., Dir. Aleksandr M. Vinogradov The documentary will take the audience into the passionate world of Queer tango in Russia. The story will follow several queer tango dancers from Paris, London and St.Petersburg through the festival’s preparation, focusing on the culmination of the event and its outcome in the wider political and social context.
BULGARIA/DENMARK/CZECH REPUBLIC The Cars We Drove Into Capitalism Agitprop / Danish Documentary Production / Endor Film Prod. Martichka Bozhilova, Sigrid Dyekjær, Jiri Konecny

Dir. Boris Missirkov, Georgi Bogdanov

In the Eastern block almost in every family there was a much loved, long-awaited, polished and groomed Moskvich, or Trabi, or Skoda. Let’s drive again the most popular Socialist cars that made it to the fall of the Berlin Wall! The cars that are a sweet childhood remembrance or a laughing stock, at the same time telling stories of industrial espionage, design, politics, speed and love.
CZECH REPUBLIK Lust for Life Pink Productions Prod. Viktória Hozzová, Radovan Síbrt

Dir. Radovan Síbrt

The Tap Tap is a band of students with physical disabilities. TTT shows how to beat the odds, and above all, how to enjoy every single minute of your life. A story full of music, friendship, desires and dreams that can be lived despite the unlucky fate.
DENMARK Heorines of the Pipes AnneJulie pipes / fru Tonefilm Prod. Iben Haahr Andersen

Dir. Iben Haahr Andersen, Minna Grooss

Men all over the world adores them. Want them. Hunt them and need them. When they enter a room they are received as Hollywood stars. They write autographs and get picked up in Limos. But they are not actresses or rock stars. They are two female pipe makers, Anne Julie (75) and Manduela (49). Two woman who decided to conquer the world through the art of pipe making and smoke. And they make money. Lots of money. Smoking is more than just about bad lungs – it’s about culture.
DENMARK Russian Sky Larm Film Prod. Søren Steen Jespersen

Dir. Anita M. Hopland, Jens Lengerke,

Russian Sky is a film about being young and fearless in the conflict-ridden post-Soviet Union. We follow two urban explorers who, with no safety measures, conquer the tallest buildings and the deepest abysses in Russia and Ukraine. There are certainly enough reasons to be afraid in today’s Russia and Ukraine, but these young people have found their very own way to conquer fear.
ESTONIA Digital Single Market Man Acuba Film Prod., Dir. Arko Okk This character-driven investigative style documentary will follow the protagonist, The Vice President of European Commission Andrus Ansip (who, as the Former Prime minister for 10 years, digitized totally his home country Estonia) during his mission to digitize the EU society with its 500 million citizens.
ESTONIA Let’s Do It! Traumfabrik Prod. Kiur Aarma

Dir. Alexander Heifets, Jaak Kilmi

A crazy idea in the head of one Estonian has led to a new kind of revolution. It will involve 1 million people from 22 countries and just 3 days to untangle the historical mess of the last 5 thousand years to jointly clean the Mediterranean Sea! Will it work out?
ESTONIA Plankton Salesmen Marx Film Prod. Max Tuula, Maria Gavrilova

Dir. Maria Kuvshinova, Leonid Marantidi

What started as an accidental encounter with Takeshi Kitano, for Sam Klebanov, a Russian emigrant in Sweden, developed into a business and 15 years of adventures. A story of the rise and fall of arthouse film distribution in Russia– of friendship, ambition, manipulation and passion for cinema.
FINLAND/ESTONIA Dear Mother Saamifilmi / Film Tower Prod. Paul-Anders Simma, Margus Önapuu

Dir. Paul-Anders Simma

Tasha, an 11 year old orphan, struggles for a decent life in a family. Her journey is torn between the orphanage, stepmother, biological mother and a father who is suddenly released from the prison.
FINLAND The Unforgiven Kinocompany Prod. Ari Matikainen, Lars Feldballe-Petersen Is it possible for a war criminal to find reconciliation with the past? Would we be able to forgive? A personal journey through the life after the Civil War of the former Yugoslavia.
GEORGIA Abastumani Opyo Doc Prod. Andra Popescu, Mariam Chachia, Nik Voigt In the majestic building of Abastumani Tuberculosis Hospital, the air is thick with cigar smoke, there are wild drinking parties, solemn prayers and everyone’s companion – death. Filmmaker Mariam Chachia, diagnosed with tuberculosis 8 years ago, will have a look into an unseen world that has its own rules and heroes.
GERMANY Garage People Tamtam Film Prod. Dirk Decker, Andrea Schütte

Dir. Natalija Yefimkina

An endless settlement, spread across the Russian north: garages with rusty gates but no cars inside. They are the Russian man’s refuge. This is where he makes saunas, composes music, breeds quail. The garage is his way of escaping from a dismal everyday life, a weird projection surface for his greatest dreams.
GERMANY woMEN Filmkantine UG Prod. Katrin Springer, Kristine Nrecaj, Birthe Templin Five women in the patriarchal society of Albania. Five different lives, one mutual decision: to give up femininity in the name of honor, freedom and responsibility. To live as a man, to be a sworn virgin.
LATVIA/LITHUANIA/ESTONIA Baltic New Wave VFS Films / Studio Nominum / Vesilind Prod. Uldis Cekulis, Arunas Matelis, Riho Västrik

Dir. Kristīne Briede, Audrius Stonys

A story of Baltic school of poetic documentary and its creators – filmmakers who broke the propaganda documentary tradition in the Soviet Union in the 1960s. The story is told by two filmmakers – contemporary director Audrius Stonys (LT) and Herz Frank (LV/ISR), his late friend and mentor who is guiding Audrius according to the Map of Ptolemy – a cinematographic code-book suggesting new discoveries both in poetic filmmaking and its meaning. Frank’s personal archives that Audrius is looking for in his last home in Israel is a key left by Frank to the timeless questions raised by every generation. The journey leads both to the Grand Masters of the Baltic poetic documentary, their films and a unique collection of archives promising a discovery of a new wave in the history of cinema.
LATVIA/RUSSIA Life Naked Ego Media / Ethnofund Prod. Guntis Trekteris, Vlad Ketkovich, Darya Khrenova, Konstantin Nafikov

Dir. Darya Khrenova

Petr Pavlensky is currently the most radical artist in Russia, his bloody and challenging performances are mutilating his own body – he sews his lips, wraps himself naked in barbed wire by the prosecutor’s office, nails his genitalia in the Red Square – he takes down the border between life and art, provoking and creating a warning scene of Russia today when superpower of the state once again is trying to set a course to totalitarian regime with iron curtain.
LATVIA/ESTONIA/LITHUANIA Spoon Hargla Company / Digitaalne Sputnik / Just a Moment Prod. Laila Pakalnina, Kaspar Kallas, Dagne Vildžiunaite

Dir. Laila Pakalnina

This film will follow the production process of a plastic spoon – how much resources time and effort are put into the process and how quickly we throw the spoon into a dust bin. It will be about us – a man, society, and the so called society’s progress.
LATVIA To be Continued Mistrus Media Prod. Gints Grūbe, Antra Gaile

Dir. Ivars Seleckis

The documentary captures the destiny of the country recovering from the harsh financial crisis through the eyes of seven children as they start school, grow up and become adults.
LITHUANIA Gentle Warriors Moonmakers Prod. Giedre Zickyte

Dir. Marija Stonyte

With determination and willingness they arrive. With tenderness and care they stay. With a gentle touch they fight. Five women among six hundred man. Five stories about girls‘ self discoveries in the military world that is created and designed by men and for men. It’s a film about femininity and youthfulness placed in a territory of guns and preparation for war.
LITHUANIA Back to USSR Studio Nominum Prod. Algimante Mateliene

Dir. Ramunė Rakauskaitė

A witty documentary film unique amateur film and KGB archives about the tragicomical and breathtaking experiences of the American Lithuanians, who visited Soviet Lithuania in 1960s-1980s. Having departed the occupied Lithuania in the postwar period, finally they have an opportunity to visit their motherland. However, in the years of their absence, it has become a Soviet country with a surreal parallel reality.
RUSSIA/GERMANY/GREECE People, Gods and other Creatures Gorki Studio / Doppelplusultra / Kouzi Productions Prod. Frank Müller, Dimitra, Kouzi, Sveta Strelnikowa

Dir. Sveta Strelnikowa

Freedom is Western Civilization’s greatest value. People struggle and die for it. What do people do once they’ve got it? On the remote Greek island Gavdos 60 people from all around the world live. Among them there is a group of former Russian nuclear scientists who came here to save the world. But first they have to save their island because conflicts start right in front of their home.
SLOVAKIA Yours Sincerely, Social System Mirakl Prod. Ivana Hucíková

Dir. Martin Tokár

An absurd comedy and social documentary film about Yves Nicolas Ogou, who originally comes from Benin in Africa, but he has been living and working in the eastern Slovakia for almost 25 years now. Although he is a foreigner in this country, it is him who helps the socially disadvantaged local people understand the social system, which is many times being very unhelpful to them. He is their representative, their attorney, their closest friend. Bizarre and absurd situations, misunderstandings and not comprehending the language of the authorities often cause them trouble. That’s when Ogou stands up for them and does all he can to help them.
UKRAINE/GERMANY Enjoy Your Fly e2-e4 Films / Kick Film Prod. Moritz Bundschuh

Dir. Maria Stoianova

A small post-Soviet genetics lab in Kyiv tries to find its ground between old and new, formal and informal. Iryna, the head of the lab, has to care for international collaborations and the research at hard-to-reach regions like Crimea and Chernobyl. Five young geneticists are on her side, facing the same challenges while also having to decide their own futures in Ukraine or abroad. The group keeps the curious company of Drosophila, the common fruit fly, which, despite its impressive genetic similarity to us, knows nothing about social constructs or political boundaries. Still, as a lab subject it starts to become an expert. This normally unremarkable companion takes us from Crimea to Kyiv; from Kyiv to Europe and Russia.