Kenan Aliyev / Current Time TV / USA

Kenan Aliyev is the Executive Editor of Current Time, the Russian language TV channel, since 2014. During his tenure he oversaw launch of Current Time TV, an independent and international news network designed to connect Russian speakers around the world. Current Time is a project of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) in cooperation with the Voice of America. The network regularly airs creative documentaries, including those banned in Russia because of their content. In 2017-2018, Kenan served as Current Time’s commissioning editor in the production of 2 highly anticipated documentary films: Putin’s Witnesses by Vitaly Manski and Home Games by Alisa Kovalenko. Under Kenan’s leadership, Current Time has developed a strong partnership with international documentary film festivals such as Artdocfest (Russia), Jihlava IDFF (Czech Republic), Docudays (Ukraine), Cinedoc Tbilisi (Georgia), and others. Kenan was previously Director of RFE/RL Azerbaijani Broadcast, Radio Azadliq. Before joining RFE/RL in 2004, Kenan worked in Washington, D.C. as a regular contributor to the BBC World Service and as a broadcaster for Voice of America.

Natalia Arshavskaya / Current Time TV / USA

Natalia Arshavskaya was invited to the Acquisition & Commissioning Department of Current Time TV in August 2016, after two years of heading the Documentary Department at Antipode Sales & Distribution. Natalia is in charge of selection and acquisition of the best international documentaries for the Realnoye Kino (Real Cinema) strand of Current Time TV, which aims to make the world of documentaries more familiar to Russian-speaking audiences. Since 2017 Natalia is also Commissioning Editor with 6 films commissioned in 2017, among them the two highly anticipated films: Putin’s Witnesses by Vitaly Manski and Home Games by Alisa Kovalenko.

Agnieszka Balicka-Domańska / TVP / Poland

Polish Television is the only Public TV broadcaster in the territory of the Republic of Poland. TVP supports film production as a complimentary service, and as a co-producer with financial contribution. Many of the films co-produced by TVP have been very successful worldwide and have won many awards in international festivals. TVP is interested in every documentary form, especially promising projects with high artistic standards that deal with universal issues, in particular those that are social and culture related.

Mandy Chang / BBC Storyville & Factual Acquisitions / UK

Mandy Chang is the Commissioning Editor of Storyville, the BBC’s acclaimed global documentary strand and Factual Acquisitions at the BBC. She was a filmmaker for many years working in the UK and for international broadcasters across many documentary disciplines. She has produced and directed award-winning films such as feature documentary, The Mona Lisa Curse, which won an International Emmy, a Grierson, Rose D’Or and the Banff Grand Jury Prize. She worked as a Commissioning Editor and then as Head of Arts at the ABC in Australia, responsible for a broad slate of arts and culture programming. Storyville has developed an enviable reputation since its inception twenty years ago for award-winning documentaries that have had an impressive impact both in the UK and internationally. We seek to bring the most compelling stories from around the world to the screen. The strand looks for ambitious, narrative, contemporary films to commission in co-production with other funders, to pre-buy or acquire. We aim to broadcast films at an hour or 90 minutes in length. Storyville has broadcast over 650 films, from some 70 countries – the strand has garnered a staggering array of awards: four Oscars, 16 Griersons, three Peabodys and three International Emmys. Recent commissions include: Trophy, My Mother’s Lost Children, Tokyo Girls, The trial fo Ratko Mladic, Cold Case

Aleksandra Derewienko / CAT & DOCS / France

CAT&Docs is a Paris-based sales agent specializing in promoting and distributing documentaries from all over the world. CAT&Docs is looking for original and investigative documentaries, always with a high standard regarding form and content: pertinent films on topical questions and timeless subjects; documentaries that rigorously explore the subject matter, that are audacious, open to the diversity of the world and have their place within the international scene – documentaries that question the world and propose new ways of looking at it. Documentaries that keep us from closing our eyes. CAT&Docs latest acquisitions include: #FEMALE PLEASURE, Letter from Masanjia, When the War Comes, 1999, The Night, Wild.Life, Death & Love at a Wildlife Hospital, The Poetess, The End of Fear, to mention a few.


Aleksandar Govedarica / Syndicado / Canada

Aleksandar Govedarica was born 1987 in Sarajevo, graduate of University of East Sarajevo as well as Vancouver Film School. He started working as a film programmer at Kriterion Sarajevo, the only art house cinema in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Aleksandar was part of the organizing committee of the Serbian Film Festival in Vancouver. e produced two documentary films and has experience in all aspects of filmmaking including directing. With three years of previous experience in sales and distribution, Aleksandar now runs the Toronto based world sales agent Syndicado.

Gitte Hansen / First Hand Films / Switzerland

Deputy Director for First Hand Films, Gitte works on a daily basis with project development, executive producing, financing & packaging, marketing strategy, sales & acquisition of non-fiction films and series. Recent titles she executive produced for FHF include A Thousand Girls Like, Nothing is Forgiven, Jaha’s Promise, Presenting Princess Shaw and Ambulance. Gitte is in charge of acquisitions at First Hand Films. Previously she has worked with international distribution of feature films, inhouse factual production at DR-TV and she was Head of Information and Promotion at Filmkontakt Nord. She serves with joy as consultant, lecturer and moderator at events such as Nordic Forum, DOK.incubator, EDN pitchings & workshops around Europe, Pitching du Réel, IDFA, Ex Oriente and IDFAcademy Summerschool. Gitte has served on several juries at international film festivals and holds a Master in Film and Rhetoric from the University of Copenhagen.

FHF is Swiss distributor and international distributor/sales agent. For selected projects we executive produce, with global access to talented filmmakers, broadcasters and funding bodies. FHF finds partners, finance and deals with the entire production process as ‘foreign ministers’, also facilitating co-productions through First Hand Films, the production outfit Kiss The Frog Films or the Swiss distributor branch. Recent titles released in Switzerland includes Citizenfour, Nice People, and CERN and The Sense of Beauty. FHF has sold hundreds of licenses worldwide, turned over more than ten million Euro, solved zillions of problems, and remains autonomous. First Hand Films have won awards: OSCAR® and OSCAR® nominations, Cinema for Peace, Emmies, Prix Europa, many IDFA main awards, Biarritz, Banff, Grimme-Preis, Grierson, Grand Prix Nyon, various National Film Awards, European Film Awards, Silver Leopards, Golden Rose Montreux a.m.o. And above all: today, all First Hand Films have been seen by many millions of people from all over the world.

Silke Heinz / MDR / Germany

Silke Heinz, is working as a commissioning editor at MDR Television in Leipzig in the department of Documentary, History and Eastern Europe. There she is responsible for documentary films, magazines, and reports for MDR, arte and Das Erste, as well as international co-productions.

Silke Heinz studied Philosophy and Social Sciences in Berlin and graduated in 1990 with a Master of Arts. She started her career working at the East German Television DFF as a trainee researcher and editor.

Since 1991 Silke Heinz is working for MDR Television, supervising different documentary projects and directing a few of her own documentaries. Now, in the role of a commissioning editor, her main topics are history and the transformation process in the 90ies in Germany and the Eastern Europe. A few of the documentary projects she commissioned won different media prizes, for example the series Who Owns the East?.

Besides this she joins the Documentary Campus as a commissioner and works in different juries, trainee and talent programmes as a tutor.

Yoshihiko Ichiya / NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) / Japan

NHK, Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), is Japan’s only public broadcaster. As a public broadcaster funded by fees received from TV viewers, NHK delivers a wide range of impartial, high quality programs both at home and abroad. Yoshihiko Ichiya is currently working for NHK World Documentary, developing, commissioning and co-producing more than 100 titles every year. He has worked as NHK documentary director since 1990, and covered European and Middle Eastern affairs as correspondent/producer based at NHK Paris Bureau in the 2000s. His current responsibilities include managing NHK’s factual acquisition portfolio, including a weekly 4K DOCS strand to be launched in December 2018.

Jutta Krug / WDR / Germany

Jutta Krug is currently working as a commissioning editor for WDR, one of the largest European public broadcasters based in Cologne. She is in charge of feature-length documentaries within the cultural department. Her professional career started in 1992 when she was part of the founding team of the European Cultural Channel ARTE based in Strasbourg, working as a reporter (German-French journalism award). In 2000 she joined WDR in Cologne as commissioning editor. Many of the documentaries Jutta Krug commissioned received critical acclaim in Germany and at different international festivals. Some examples: Sofia’s Last Ambulance, Bravehearts, Expedition To The End of the World, Kinshasa Symphony, New York Memories, Jaffa, Kick In Iran, Finish Line Heroes, Tahrir 2011, Vivan Las Antipodas, Nostalgia Por La Luz, The Pearl Button, Iraqui Odyssee, Solitary, My Escape, The War On My Phone, Berlin Rebel High School, Power Of Women, Dream Empire, Hacking Justice / Julian Assange, Refugee 11, Mladic – The Trial, The Cleaners and The Fourth Estate. Currently Jutta Krug is involved in about 30 different productions. Her working contacts include many production companies and channels in Germany and abroad, as well as EURODOC and the Documentary Campus. She also takes part in different festival juries. Languages: English, French, Spanish (fluent).

Erkko Lyytinen / YLE / Finland

Erkko Lyytinen, 45, is currently working as commissioning editor at YLE – the Finnish Broadcasting Company focused on domestic and international feature-length creative documentary films, operating 3 national television channels, 6 national radio channels and an extensive online service. YLE ranks first in television viewing in the country. YLE is the main purveyor and producer of domestic programming, and 48% of its television programs are made in Finland. YLE is owned by the Finnish people and funded by a special tax since January 2013. YLE is a media company free from commercial and political affiliations that carries no advertising. YLE was established in 1926 and joined the EBU in 1950. Mr. Lyytinen is co-producing and programming for the documentary slot on channel YLE-TV1. During his early years at YLE, Mr. Lyytinen also produced several television series and documentary films. Before his career at YLE, Lyytinen was the Artistic Director of DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival and an independent documentary film director.

Katerina Ondrejkova / Czech Television / Czech Republik

Kateřina Ondřejková is a TV producer and creator, and member of the Czech Film and Television Academy (CFTA). She works for Czech Television and has produced documentaries, documentary series as well as TV films, series, miniseries and feature films (as a co-producer). Some of her projects have been screened at festivals and won awards. Ondřejková’s TV miniseries Justice won the CFTA Czech Lion award for Best Television Film or Miniseries. Documentary The Russian Job, which she co-produced, won the Pavel Koutecký Award at ELBE DOC festival (2018) and premiered at IDFA (2017) and screened at Hot Docs (2018). Music documentary series My Efforts to Make a Masterpiece I (2015) and My Efforts to Make a Masterpiece II (2017) received a Prix CIRCOM Regional award. The Czech/Polish documentary Czech Swan (2016) won Best Pitch at Cannes IFF in 2013 and the Prix CIRCOM Regional award in 2017. The documentary Courage (2016) and feature film Teacher (2016), which has played in cinemas in more than 40 countries across the world, premiered at Karlovy Vary IFF. Feature film The Way Out (2014) was presented at the Cannes IFF (L´ACID section). Ondřejková was a council member of the Czech State Cinematography Fund and received the Film and Television Association (FITES) award for producing.

Alex Shiriaieff / B2B DOC / Sweden

Documentary and TV director, producer at Dixit International AB in Sweden. His latest documentary The Gas Weapon, a story how Russia is using its gas export to influence European countries politically, premiered on Swedish TV during the peak of the Ukrainian crises. Since 2013 Alex has been developing the B2B Doc – an informal network of documentary filmmakers from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Now this project is running in full scale and has become the leading co-production platform for the filmmakers from the post-Soviet countries, the Baltics, Scandinavia and Nordics.

B2B Doc is a network of documentary filmmakers from Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia.

B2B Doc is the platform where documentary filmmakers meet each other and find common projects for co-production. B2B Doc supports such projects at the very early stage of development. Not only financially, but also with knowledge and expertise on reaching the European financial market for documentaries.

Since filmmakers from the post-Soviet countries are highly skilled, they can be attractive partners for Nordic or other European filmmakers, who want to find a co-producer for their ideas in this part of the world. Thus, B2B Doc helps to facilitate the integration of documentary filmmakers from the post-Soviet countries into the Nordic and European markets.

Lars Säfström / SVT / Sweden

Lars Säfström is a documentary film editor, filmmaker and producer, who has worked with documentaries since the seventies. He has also worked with light entertainment and as head of the SVT drama department in the early nineties, and head of programmes in the southern district of SVT in Malmö. He now works for Swedish Public Service SVT, Sveriges Television, as a commissioning editor in the documentary department in Stockholm. He commissions and buys documentary films for three mayor slots: Current Affairs Sunday 22:00, Feature documentaries Mondays 22:00, and mainly Swedish documentary films Thursdays 20:00. SVT also has a culture documentary slot primetime Fridays.

Marje Tõemäe/ ERR / Estonia

General: Estonian Public Broadcasting consists of 5 radio channels and 3 television channels, ETV, ETV2 and ETV+. ETV main channel is for general audience while ETV2’s programming consists of outstanding cultural and educational broadcasts, documentaries, TV shows and films. It also has a special daily children’s slot. ETV+ is a TV-channel for Russian speaking audience.

Main documentary film slots of ETV and ETV2: current affairs docs (ETV): weekly, 1 hour; dokkaader (docframe, ETV2): creative author films, weekly, open ended; AegRuum (TimeSpace, ETV2): scientific docs, weekly, 1 hour; Natural History (ETV): weekly, 1 hour; music documentaries (ETV): weekly, 1 hour; theme evenings, thematic events, special events.

Vikija Valdmane-Rozenberga / Latvian Public Television / Latvia

Vikija Valdmane-Rozenberga is a commissioning editor at Latvian Public Television (LTV). She commissions documentaries for the regular documentary film slot, Current Affairs. She is also a member of the jury of the documentary film project Latvian Code. Latvia Today. – a series of documentary films that are selected in a contest held by LTV. The project is organized in collaboration with the National Film Centre of Latvia and with the State Culture Capital Foundation, and is geared towards documentary film professionals. LTV is the national public service broadcasting company in Latvia, operating 2 national television channels.